About Us

Who Are We?

We are a group of people who have been touched by diabetes and have similar stories. We all agree that we can do more, as a society to create greater awareness around the signs and symptoms of this disease. No one should die from misdiagnosed diabetes.

Co-Founder – Kathlyn Lynch, diagnosed at age 7. Kat is a Dexcom Warrior, 2017 JDRF Childrens Congress Delegate and Youth Ambassador. Kat has volunteered and spoken at JDRF and ADA events and continues to be vocal in her community and beyond, about importance of early diagnosis of diabetes.

Co-Founder, Executive Director – Veronica Lynch, Kat’s mom has lived with her daughter’s type 1 diabetes since 2012. “It is on my mind 24/7, but I know, like all parents, I need to raise a self-suffienct adult. Type 1 just makes it a little more challenging.

Founding Board – Ray Niblock, friend and neighbor, Ray has had first hand experience with type 2 diabetes, growing up with a family friend that had the disease.

Founding Board – Roger Gates, friend and neighbor, Roger has known Kat since before her diagnosis and remembers his wife getting that phone call, sharing “I think our lives will be changed forever.”

Founding Board – Tori Johnson, mom of a type 1 warrior, diagnosed at two years old, air lifted to Children’s Hospital and spent over a week in ICU in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. “Having access to these signs and symptoms, whether at school, in pharmacy or at the doctor’s office, would have made it easier for us to connect the dots and avoid the trauma of Regan’s diagnosis.”

Director of Digital Communications – Brady Woodcock, son of healthy type 1 dad, diagnosed in his late 30’s, Brady grew up watching his dad manage his condition.

Public Relations Consult – Jessica Neville

Annual Report – forthcoming