Kat’s Story & Mission

Kat’s Story

My story is similar to so many others. In 2012 I was just a regular kid, attending second grade, dancing, and riding bikes with friends. Then around Thanksgiving, I started to feel really bad. I was tired and cranky all the time, my head and tummy hurt, I was starved and super thirsty. My mom was concerned that my symptoms looked like those of onset type 1 diabetes, so she took me to the doctor. He said I was “fine” – why put me through all that bloodwork. There was a virus going around and he said I would be fine in a week. Several days later, I came downstairs in summer pj’s and mom realized, after looking at my legs, how much weight I had lost. She bought a blood glucose tester that day – and with one finger stick test, my life and the lives of my family changed forever.

Kat’s Mission

At Kat’s Kause, our mission is to share signs and symptoms of diabetes with the public, to help insure quick and easy diagnosis and ultimately a healthier life for those diagnosed with diabetes. We want to be able to help those in our community with diabetes and beyond.